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Working With The Local Community

Paula Samuels
Presentation Academy Director of Technology

Presentation Academy is an all girls Catholic high school in Louisville, Ky. It also happens to be the oldest Catholic high school in Louisville, but when it comes to technology, Presentation is on the cutting edge. When Presentation called us to help with their server cabinet security we were happy to help and donated the wire partition enclosure required.

Wire Partitions Protect Servers at Presentation Academy

Schools and Businesses Experience Same Security Issues

Like many businesses, high schools too have a need to secure the network infrastructure of their building. Server cabinets are used to house the computer equipment and WireCrafters wire partition enclosures are needed to provide security. Servers and other information system equipment should be locked and access controlled. Wire mesh partitions are perfect because they can fit nearly any configuration from a continuous long wall to doors between blade server racks to secure access. They don't inhibit ventilation or heat discharge. And it's modern looking, attractive security, not some fencing that makes the room look like a warehouse.

Separation and Security

Even in a locked, secure room, employees such as janitorial services, students, or maintenance crews may need access to the room but should never have access to servers. Servers that are behind security partitions are safer from intrusion and potential data breaches no matter who enters the room. Often, server rooms are dual-purpose with other storage or uses. This means you may not be able to keep people out of your server cabinet area, but you can keep them away from delicate equipment with lockable, wire security cages.

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