Customized Data Center Cages

Custom Wire Mesh Server Cages and Enclosures

Though our best-selling standard mesh has 2x1 openings and can be shipped within 2-4 days of ordering, our mesh can be customized to fit special requirements. We can design mesh for cages of smaller dimensions, offering enhanced security. Our wire mesh can be crafted in as small as 1/2-inch squares. However, these custom options will have much longer lead times.

Cage Height

  • Below the floor
  • Through drop ceiling
  • Up to 40’

Ceiling Options

  • Clear spanned up to 30’
  • Posts utilized to support larger ceilings
  • Ceiling access panels


  • Powder Coat Black
  • Powder Coat White
  • Can Match Custom RAL #

Floor to ceiling colocage

Other Custom Features

  • ½” Square 12 gauge Woven Wire Mesh
  • 1” Square 10 gauge Welded Wire Mesh
  • 1” Square 10 gauge Lock Crimp
  • ½” Square 10 gauge Lock Crimp
  • ¾” Square 10 gauge Woven Wire Mesh
  • 1-¼” Square 10 gauge Welded Wire Mesh
  • 16 GA Sheet Metal
  • ¼” Polycarbonate Panels
  • Above 8’ Ceiling for Fire Suppression

Our Most Popular Custom Colocage Features

¾” Sq 10 GA Welded Wire Mesh

Wirecrafters 16 GA Sheet Metal

16 GA Sheet Metal

Wirecrafters Polycarbonate Panels

¼” Polycarbonate Panels

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