Case Study: Tailored Solutions for Data Center SecurityCase Study:

Project Overview:

The modern era of data management and storage has ushered in a new wave of challenges and opportunities for infrastructure design and security. As businesses increasingly rely on data centers as the backbone of their operations, the need for reliable, scalable, and secure storage solutions has become critical. 

This case study delves into the partnership between WireCrafters and Industrial Shelving Solutions as they vie to fulfill the needs of an anonymous customer by designing and implementing a data center cage that meets the rigorous standards of security, flexibility, and efficiency.

Customer Description

The customer presented unique challenges and requirements for their infrastructure deployment. First, their primary concern was a secure enclosure to protect their servers and sensitive information. This necessitated a solution that provided robust physical security and integrated seamlessly with their existing utilities suspended from the ceiling. 

Additionally, the customer emphasized optimizing space usage within their facility. They specifically sought fencing solutions that could be installed as close to the ceiling as possible to enhance security measures and maximize the available space for other critical infrastructure components.

Why Choose WireCrafters?

WireCrafters allowed us to give our customers a tailored solution that provides security and the ability to manage the network of utilities suspended from the ceiling. The high-security awareness and ease of installation made it easy to partner with WireCrafters.

Careful planning and coordination between the two teams minimized disruption to the customer’s day-to-day operations during installation. WireCrafters understood and addressed the customer’s specific needs from start to finish.

The WireCrafters Difference

Since being established in 1967 as a wire job shop, WireCrafters has become the nation’s leading producer of wire partition products. Contrary to traditional systems, our woven and welded wire partitions are based on the simple idea that panels stack one on top of the other between tubular posts to reach the finished partition height. The ability to create customizable-sized panels sets us apart from all other competitors.

Our mission is to provide our customers with creative solutions for their safety, security, and storage needs while meeting commitments with exceptional quality by people who care.

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Protecting Critical Infrastructure: WireCrafters' Solutions for Data Centers

In today’s interconnected world, data centers play a vital role in storing and managing the vast amount of digital information that powers businesses and services. With the increasing importance of data security and infrastructure reliability, companies like WireCrafters have emerged as leaders in providing top-notch solutions for safeguarding critical equipment within data centers.

WireCrafters offers a range of innovative products specifically designed to protect data center equipment enclosures. Here are some critical components of our solutions and why they are the best fit for any customer looking to build a secure and efficient data center:

Robust Construction

Our equipment enclosures are built to withstand the rigors of a data center environment. They utilize high-quality materials such as steel wire mesh panels and sturdy frames, ensuring durability and long-term protection for sensitive equipment. 

Customizable Designs

Each data center is unique, which is why customization is crucial. At WireCrafters, we understand this need and offer customizable designs for their equipment enclosures. Customers can choose from various panel sizes, access points, locking mechanisms, and airflow management options to tailor the enclosure to their requirements.

Advanced Security Features

Security is a top priority for data center operators, and our products deliver on this front! Our equipment enclosures have advanced security features such as tamper-proof hardware, custom lock systems, and integrated monitoring capabilities. These features help prevent unauthorized access and protect against physical threats.

Optimized Airflow

Effective airflow management is essential for maintaining optimal operating conditions within a data center. Our enclosures are designed with perforated panels that promote proper ventilation, prevent overheating, and ensure the reliable performance of enclosed equipment.

Scalability and Flexibility

Data centers often need to scale up or reconfigure their infrastructure to meet evolving demands. WireCrafters’ modular design allows for easy scalability and flexibility, enabling customers to expand or modify their equipment enclosures as needed without compromising security or efficiency.

Compliance and Certifications

Meeting industry standards and regulatory requirements is a non-negotiable for data center operators. Our products are designed to comply with relevant standards and certifications, providing customers with confidence in their data center’s security and regulatory compliance.

As you can see, our solutions for data centers offer a wide range of benefits. Whether you are building a new data center or upgrading an existing one, WireCrafters’ products are the perfect choice to ensure the protection and reliability of your critical infrastructure.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with someone on our sales team, please don’t hesitate to contact us or request a quote for more information.

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The Benefits of Data Center Security Cages

Security is not just a priority in data management—it's necessary! Data centers, the nerve centers of digital operations, store and process vast amounts of sensitive information critical to businesses and organizations worldwide. As threats to data security continue to evolve, it becomes imperative for data center operators to protect their physical infrastructure against unauthorized access and potential breaches.

Enter data center security cages—an indispensable component of modern security strategies. These cages offer many benefits beyond traditional security measures, providing enhanced protection and peace of mind for data center operators and stakeholders.

What Are Data Center Security Cages?

Data center security cages are physical enclosures constructed using high-strength materials such as welded wire mesh or steel panels. They are designed to create secure areas within the data center facility and allow operators to restrict access to sensitive equipment, servers, and infrastructure.

Key Benefits of Data Center Security Cages:

1. Keep Your Data Secure:

Data center security cages are robust barriers that deter unauthorized access and protect valuable assets from theft, vandalism, and tampering. By establishing secure perimeters around critical infrastructure, data center operators can mitigate the risk of unauthorized entry and ensure the integrity of their operations.

2. Modular Design:

By employing modular components, data center cages can be easily customized and adjusted to meet businesses’ evolving needs. This adaptability allows for seamless expansion or reconfiguration of the cage layout, accommodating changes in equipment, density requirements, and security protocols. Additionally, modular design facilitates efficient resource deployment, streamlining installation processes and minimizing downtime. Ultimately, the modular approach enhances the agility and resilience of data center infrastructure, empowering organizations to optimize their operations in response to dynamic market demands and technological advancements.

3. Optimal Use of Space

Building a data center cage with WireCrafters guarantees efficient space utilization, a hallmark of our design philosophy. Our expertise is maximizing every square foot of the cage, ensuring optimal functionality without sacrificing space constraints. Our innovative layouts and modular components allow for precise customization tailored to the specific needs of the data center environment. This efficiency enhances the overall operational capacity of the data center and optimizes resource utilization, making WireCrafters a preferred choice for businesses seeking to optimize their data center footprint. 

As data center operations evolve, scalability and flexibility become essential considerations. Security cages offer scalability by allowing operators to add or reconfigure enclosures as needed, accommodating changes in infrastructure and capacity requirements without compromising security or efficiency.

4. Sleek and Professional Design

WireCrafters excels in crafting sleek and professional designs for data center cages, setting a standard for functionality and aesthetics. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the cage, from the structural framework to the finishing touches, reflects precision and quality. With a focus on a quality product using durable materials and customization options, WireCrafters creates cages that seamlessly integrate into modern data center environments while upholding the highest standards of security and accessibility. The result is a visually appealing and efficiently organized space that not only enhances the overall aesthetics of the facility but also optimizes workflow and maximizes operational efficiency.

5. Unlimited Customization

One significant advantage of data center security cages is their customizable design. Cages can be tailored to fit the specific layout and requirements of the data center facility, allowing operators to create secure enclosures of various sizes and configurations. 

At WireCrafters, we pride ourselves on taking on customization jobs and meeting customers’ unique requests! From various mesh types to designed color choices, we offer a spectrum of options for clients seeking personalized solutions. 

We provide a wide selection of wire mesh options ideally tailored for data center cages, including 2”x1” woven, 3/4​​" woven, and welded mesh variants. Our signature 2”x1” woven mesh offers a robust construction ensuring enhanced security and protection against intrusion. Our 3/4" woven mesh, with a tighter weave pattern, provides excellent visibility and airflow while maintaining high levels of security, making it an optimal choice for data center enclosures. Our 1” square welded wire mesh boasts superior strength and durability, protecting data center cages against unauthorized access and physical threats. With our number of wire mesh options, data center operators can confidently reinforce their security infrastructure while maximizing visibility and airflow within their facilities! 

Additionally, we offer custom color choices, allowing clients to align their cages with branding or facility aesthetics. This level of customization extends beyond aesthetics; it ensures that the cages meet specific security, ventilation, and access requirements unique to each data center environment.

Whether protecting a small server room or an entire data hall, a WireCrafters data security cage can be adapted to meet the unique needs of any environment.

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Data Center Security 101: How WireCrafters Solutions Keep Your Facility Safe

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, data centers are the backbone of our technological infrastructure. These facilities store, process, and distribute vast amounts of sensitive information critical to businesses, organizations, and individuals worldwide. Consequently, ensuring the security of these data centers is paramount in safeguarding valuable assets and maintaining operational integrity.

Enter WireCrafters, a leading provider of innovative security solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of modern data center environments. With a comprehensive approach to data center security, we offer a range of products designed to fortify physical barriers, control access points, and mitigate potential threats effectively.

What Are Data Center Security Cages?

Data center security cages are physical enclosures constructed using high-strength materials such as welded wire mesh or steel panels. These cages are designed to create secure areas within the data center facility, allowing operators to restrict access to sensitive equipment, servers, and infrastructure.

Understanding Data Center Security Challenges

Data centers face multifaceted security challenges, ranging from unauthorized access and theft to vandalism and sabotage. Additionally, with the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, protecting physical infrastructure has become inseparable from defending against digital attacks.

Traditional security measures, such as perimeter fencing and surveillance cameras, form the foundation of data center security. However, as threats evolve, so must the strategies and technologies used to counter them.

The WireCrafters Advantage

WireCrafters specializes in customizable security solutions that combine robust construction with innovative features to provide unparalleled protection for data center facilities. Let's explore some of the key offerings that make WireCrafters a preferred choice for enhancing data center security:

1. Modular Wire Partitions

Our wire partitions serve as versatile barriers, allowing data center operators to create secure enclosures around sensitive areas, equipment, and infrastructure. These partitions are designed for easy installation and can be customized to fit any facility’s unique layout and requirements.

2. Secure Access Control

Controlling access to critical areas within the data center is essential for preventing unauthorized entry and ensuring regulatory compliance. We offer a range of access control solutions, including keycard systems, keypad entry, and biometric authentication, to restrict access and track personnel movement effectively.

Additionally, if you need to tie locking devices into your own access control system, we have electric strikes and mag locks available. Our surface mount electric strikes are activated by electrical locking devices and are only available on hinge doors while the mag lock systems work similarly but only available on sliding doors only.

3. Tamper-Resistant Design

Our products are engineered with durability and tamper resistance in mind. Constructed from high-quality materials and featuring reinforced locking mechanisms, our security solutions withstand forced entry and tampering attempts, providing peace of mind to data center operators and stakeholders.

In an era defined by data-driven innovation and digital transformation, protecting the integrity and confidentiality of information is non-negotiable. WireCrafters' comprehensive suite of security solutions offers data center operators the tools to mitigate risk, enhance compliance, and safeguard their most valuable assets against physical threats.

By investing in our proven security solutions, data center operators can establish a robust defense posture that meets current security challenges and adapts to future threats in an ever-evolving threat landscape. With WireCrafters, safeguarding your data center isn't just a priority—it's a promise of uncompromising security and peace of mind!

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Custom Server Cages Fit to Your Needs

WireCrafters has created security products for data centers for more than 15 years. We’ve worked with dozens of large organizations, from Amazon to Switch. If this ever-growing number of organizations served says anything, it’s that we can meet the needs of many different facilities. 

With so many organizations reliant on technology and the analysis of important data, the demand for efficient and secure data management has reached unprecedented levels. Colocation data centers play a pivotal role in providing the infrastructure necessary to store and manage vast amounts of critical information. As businesses increasingly rely on these facilities, the need for adaptable and secure storage solutions becomes paramount. WireCrafters, one of the nation's leading providers of high-quality server cages, offers a range of options to meet various requirements, from standard offerings to fully customizable solutions, ensuring that your data is housed securely and efficiently.

Standard Server Cage Options for Uncomplicated Needs

For those who are looking for a reliable solution without specific customizations, WireCrafters offers a selection of standardized server cages. These options come with a range of features that cater to common needs within colocation data centers. These standard cages are pre-engineered and come in various sizes, offering quick deployment and efficiency. They are designed to meet general security and accessibility requirements, making them an excellent choice for businesses with uncomplicated needs.

data center wire partition cages

Quick-Ship Server Cages

When selecting our standard mesh, components can be shipped in as little as 2-4 days! This is one of our greatest differentiators from others in the industry.

Variety of Options

Our standard cages have 10 width options and two height options. This offers you a number of set products that you can choose from to fit your space.

Safety and Security

Our standard cages are made with top-of-the-line wire mesh that provides the utmost protection in your facility.

Custom Options: Tailoring Solutions to Your Requirements

However, with unique needs, there need to be unique solutions! This is where WireCrafters excels, offering custom server cage options that can be specifically designed to address your organization's requirements. Whether you're dealing with unconventional room layouts, singular security protocols, or specialized equipment, WireCrafters can collaborate with you to create a server cage solution that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Customization extends beyond just dimensions. WireCrafters' team of experts can work closely with your organization to integrate features such as enhanced security measures, specialized access controls, cable management solutions, and aesthetic considerations. These customizations ensure that the final server cage is functional, seamlessly integrates into the existing space, and fulfills all the necessary operational criteria.

Other features that can be customized:

Custom options will have longer lead times compared to standard products. However, the quality and precision of our custom products are worth the slightly longer wait.

Results of Choosing Custom Server Cages

Opting for custom server cages from WireCrafters can yield a myriad of benefits that extend far beyond the initial investment. Here are some of the big reasons why businesses are choosing customization:

Tailored Security 

Colocation data centers deal with sensitive and valuable information. Custom server cages allow for security measures that are precisely aligned with the level of protection your data requires. Whether it’s biometric access controls or reinforced locking mechanisms, every aspect can be designed to enhance security.

Optimized Efficiency

Uniquely designed cages can optimize space utilization, airflow management, and cable routing. This can lead to reduced energy consumption and better equipment performance, ultimately lowering operational costs.


As your business grows, your data management needs might change. Custom solutions can be designed with scalability in mind, making it easier to expand or modify the server cage as necessary.

Workflow Integration 

Custom server cages can be tailored to match your organization's workflows. This integration can result in smoother daily operations and reduced downtime during maintenance and upgrades.

Peace of Mind 

Knowing that your server cage is tailored to your precise requirements offers peace of mind. You can trust that your data is housed securely and efficiently without compromise.

When it comes to the protection of your data, security, efficiency, and adaptability are paramount. WireCrafters' custom server cage solutions provide a game-changing advantage. By allowing businesses to create cages that perfectly match their needs, WireCrafters ensures that the critical needs of your business are met and that your modern technology operations are as reliable and secure as possible. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to upgrade an existing setup, the flexibility and expertise offered by WireCrafters can genuinely make a difference in your data management strategy.

Get your server cages from a company that works to serve your needs. Contact WireCrafters today!

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How Custom Data Center Cages Can Make All the Difference

Countless businesses rely on the safekeeping of their data to survive. They need robust data centers to ensure the seamless operation of their digital infrastructure. As the demand for secure and efficient server storage grows, so does the need for tailored solutions. WireCrafters, a leading provider of custom server cages for data centers, understands the critical role that customized solutions play in meeting the unique needs of businesses. In this blog, we'll explore how custom data center cages can make all the difference, offering flexibility, myriad options, and enhanced security for your colocation data center.

Custom Cages Fit Your Needs

Off-the-shelf solutions might not always align with the specific requirements of your business. On the other hand, custom data center cages are designed with your unique needs in mind. Whether you're dealing with an irregularly shaped space or have specific security concerns, a tailored solution ensures that your server cage fits seamlessly into your environment. 

At WireCrafters, we take pride in delivering cages that meet industry standards and adhere to your data center’s specific demands. We often come onto a project during the planning stages of a customer’s data center layout. That way, we can collaborate and find the best server cage solution from the start.

A Multitude of Options

Every business has its own set of challenges, and a one-size-fits-all approach simply won't suffice. WireCrafters offers a plethora of options when it comes to customizing your server cage. From different sizes and configurations to various lock options and access control features, you have the freedom to choose the elements that best suit your requirements. This level of flexibility ensures that your data center cage meets your immediate needs and is adaptable to future changes and expansions.

Here are some of the options that we offer:

As you can see, there is no shortage of options to meet your specific needs. Whether you need our standard-sized mesh or a much smaller version that provides extra security, we have the right solution for you.

Optimizing Space for Enhanced Security

At their core, data centers are all about security, and custom cages play a pivotal role in optimizing your space for maximum protection. We can help you strategically design your server cage layout to ensure the most efficient use of available space while maintaining the highest standards of security whether you need to separate different client areas within a colocation data center or enhance the overall security of your server room, a customized solution can be tailored to your specifications.

You may have data that needs to be kept with increased security. We can work with you to develop an impenetrable area that can only be accessed by approved personnel. 

How WireCrafters Can Help

WireCrafters is not just a manufacturer; we are your partner in creating a secure and efficient data center environment. Our team of experts collaborates with you to understand your unique challenges and goals, offering guidance and solutions that go beyond industry standards. With years of experience in the industry, we bring a wealth of knowledge to help you make informed decisions about your data center infrastructure.

When it comes to safeguarding your valuable data and ensuring the smooth operation of your server room, investing in a custom data center cage from WireCrafters is the best possible choice. Tailored to fit your needs, offering many options, and optimizing space for enhanced security, our solutions are designed to make the ultimate difference in protecting your data. Choose WireCrafters for a customized approach that sets your data center apart.

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5 Benefits of WireCrafters Server Cages

Your company’s servers are some of the most valuable assets you own. As such, you want to do everything you can to protect their continued quality. As the nation’s leading producer of wire partition products, we have the expertise to ensure the physical safety of your data center.

Our server cages are the perfect solution for your data center security. Here are five major benefits that WireCrafters server cages can offer you!

Open & Secure

Any server rack cage must have free air circulation, cooling systems, and light and fire suppression systems throughout the secured area. We understand that the long-term health of your servers is a top priority and that cages need to be adaptable to protect your data center. That is why our wire partition cages are available in various sizes and include custom lock options. 

Modular System

Due to its modular design, our server cages are simple to reconfigure to meet your data center security requirements or make room for additional equipment. In addition, cages can provide side-by-side storage of server racks and ultimately save you money when attempting to solve network and physical security issues.

modular system server cages

Clean Installation

Our installation is free from cutting and grinding, giving you peace of mind about potential debris infiltrating the air or cooling systems. Our server cages are strong, durable, and attractive, making them the perfect product to impress potential clients.

Strong & Secure Cages

The greatest selling point to potential customers is showing them that you can keep their data safe, secure, and separated at all times. This is the most critical aspect of providing network and telecommunications to a larger client base. Our Server Cage system is designed to prevent external access to the hardware. The only way to interact with the server is inside the enclosure, guaranteeing security. 

Special Meshes and Custom Locks

Our name may give it away, but at WireCrafters, we offer a variety of welded and woven wire mesh at competitive prices. Our standard mesh is a 2”x1” 10 Gauge. However, we also offer ½” Sq. 12 Gauge and ¾” Sq. 10 Gauge. Along with these special meshes, we also offer custom locks to meet your company’s needs. These include:

2" x 1" 10 GA Woven Mesh

1/2" Square 12 GA Woven Mesh

3/4" Square 10 GA Woven Mesh

Sometimes, little details in everyone’s business slip through the cracks. However, don’t let Server Cage security be one of them. Our security measures can give you and your potential customers peace of mind.

So if you find yourself worried about your data center's security measures, then it’s time to give us a call. Take the next step in securing your Data Center and contact WireCrafters now!

An Organized Data Center Means An Efficient Data Center

Data Centers continue to grow each year. This means that IT budgets need to increase to help with security. Below, see how WireCrafters can help keep your data center secure and organized.

It Lays Out a Path for the Future

Perhaps the most important benefit to an organized data center has not to do so much with the present, but more in regards to the scalability in the future. The wire partitions and server cages offered by WireCrafters, for example, are designed to make reconfiguration possible at a moment's notice. As your needs change or when the time comes to add additional servers, you'll already have a system in place to easily do so. You'll spend less time worrying about where components need to go and more time properly utilizing the components themselves.

The Power of Being Proactive

One of the major benefits of keeping an organized data center has to do with how it allows you to focus your time on the areas that matter the most; namely, being proactive about maintenance. If your data center is logically organized, clean, and properly maintained, you'll be spending less time trying to make sense of everything and more time on thorough and regular inspections.

It Lets You Step Back and Look at the Bigger Picture

Another major benefit of keeping an organized data center has to do with how it allows you to focus your attention on the matters that are most pressing. Instead of spending time trying to make sense of which cables go to which equipment, you can instead turn your attention towards the rotation of equipment to better optimize not individual items but your entire data center as a whole. An organized data center also puts you in a better position to single out components that need to be replaced, allowing you to take the steps to do so before they negatively affect everything around them.

It Can Help Streamline Your Workflow

Another massive advantage to keeping a clean and organized data center has to do with the idea of working "smarter, not harder." The server cages offered by WireCrafters, for example, do a lot more than just separate your servers and keep things organized. They also support the free circulation of air from your building's HVAC system, helping to maintain proper temperatures. They allow for easier cable bundling, making installation, removal, and routine maintenance more straightforward. They allow for the free circulation of light, creating a safer environment for your employees, as well.

Stay Secure

With our server cages having a modular design, it allows for the easy customization, expansion, and cleanliness that you need. However, WireCrafters also has the extra level of security that is essential to keep your data center running. If you have been reading our other blogs, then you understand the necessity of security from theft. WireCrafters has a plethora of locks and wire partitions to customize to your needs while never shirking on the vital security that every server cage requires.

In the End

Keeping an organized data center isn't just recommended - it's mandatory in today's modern-day world. Data centers are fast-paced environments, yet at the same time, they're also filled with very delicate equipment. Server cages and other items don't just make it easier for employees to get in and do their jobs, but they also help guarantee the high availability and superior scalability that your own clients will come to rely on. Learn more about our server cages or find a local dealer in your area by contacting us here.

How to Protect Servers, Network Equipment, & Client Data [Case Study]

Project: Tried and True Communications - St. Louis, MO

Dealer: Industrial Shelving Systems - St. Louis, MO

Protecting Customer Data & Equipment

Tried and True Communications provides network cabling and telecommunications infrastructure, including fiber optics cabling, splicing, termination, restoration and emergency network response to

companies large and small throughout St. Louis, Missouri and surrounding areas. With this level of high-tech service comes the requirement for security at its highest level - whether they are protecting their own equipment, or their customers' data.

The expensive servers, along with the customer data stored on them, must be locked down and secured at all times. The most important aspect of providing network and telecommunications to a large client base is keeping your customers' data safe, secure, and separated at all times.

colocation enclosure for server racks in computer room

Telecommunication Professionals Choose WireCrafters

ISS (Industrial Shelving Systems) has been providing material handling solutions to the industrial and commercial markets in the St. Louis area for decades. Providing wire partitions in St. Louis for safety, security and separation has been their main area of expertise. and True Communications, needing a secure solution for protecting servers and network equipment, consulted with ISS and determined that a WireCrafters Server and Network Security Cage was the logical choice.

WireCrafters Server & Network Security Cages allow for side-by-side storage of multiple server racks while maintaining individual or multiple rack security. By keeping clients' equipment separated, you control access while benefitting from the shared conveniences of the facility - heating & cooling, fire suppression systems, etc. - while keeping all equipment visible and in plain sight.

colocation server cage racks

Server Cages with Options to Fit Every Application

In addition to their on-site inventory, WireCrafters woven wire partitions for server cages were used to secure servers and computer equipment, while also protecting their customers' data.

WireCrafters standard 8' high partitions were used to wrap around the underside of the overhead cable trays and other electrical equipment used within the facility, ensuring controlled access at every point. For access to the secured area, a 6' wide x 8' high sliding door was installed to allow for entry of large items such as server racks and other bulky equipment. A built in key lock was implemented for added security.

server security and colocation customized

WireCrafters Helps Protect High-Tech Business

Tried and True is a family-owned company headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Founded in 2009, the company has been building its diverse client base from day one. They started out with one van and a splice machine and have since built the company to become one of the premier telecom companies in the St. Louis area. WireCrafters and Industrial Shelving Systems are proud to be a part of this growing, high-tech success story.

server storage room with wire partition enclosure divider for network servers

Colocages by Wirecrafters