Data Center Physical Security with WireCrafters Server Cages

The Growing Trend in Data Center Physical Security

Anixter, a global distributor of communication and security products that works with the largest data centers and hosting facilities in the world, was recently providing their products to a data center when the customer requested they also provide the physical security cages as part of the entire package. Anixter specializes in data center solutions, electrical products, and electronic wire and cable so they turned to Container Systems to help incorporate the physical security solution.

Modular Server Cages - Reconfigure As Needs Change

WireCrafters standard Style 840 Wire Partitions were utilized in a Server Cage configuration to provide Anixter the security they required. The standard 10 gauge wire woven in a  2" x 1" rectangular mesh with its angle frame panel design is bolted to 2" square 14 gauge tubular posts. The wire partition goes from floor to ceiling with a minimum sweep space at the floor and a small opening across the top. Sliding doors on each caged area allow access to the server area without taking up any valuable aisle space; the door simply slides in front of the adjacent panel.

Each slide door is equipped with an electromagnetic lock which allows data center personnel wire a keypad or card reader to the door for additional controlled access. The wire partition posts are bolted down to a raised computer floor with a matching baseplate on the underside of the floor tile which provides a rigid connection.

Data Center Security You Can Count On

Anixter was very happy with the Data Center Physical Security solution that Container Systems provided. The modular system allows Anixter to expand the server cages as their customers' needs grow. WireCrafters is currently working with many data centers across the country, and although Anixter was able to utilize the standard Style 840 system, WireCrafters does supply custom mesh sizes such as 3/4" square and 1" square openings for even higher levels of security.

Container Systems has built their reputation of being one of the top material handling companies in the Chicago area by providing great products with great service at a fair price. Mike Wall, the President of Container Systems, is currently a board member for MHEDA, the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association.

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