Data & Server Security for Spectrum | Case Study

Data security is a serious matter. When your business provides internet and phone services for users across the nation, it's even more important to prioritize data security. This Spectrum branch has multiple clients that use their servers, and each client needs their system separated so only their employees can have access to those servers. So, the end-user needed secure separation in their data storage server room.

Dealer: Carolina Material Handling

End-User: Spectrum

Product: Custom Server Cage

data and server security cage

Problem and Solution

To accommodate the server needs for multiple clients, this particular system is a straight run that measures 55' - 2" long with a 5' hinged panel at one end to accommodate an exit door. The system is 7' in overall height, floor to ceiling.

They also needed to allow for 3 entry points for their various customer spaces. Therefore, the Dealer worked with us to customize our server cage configuration to include 3 heavy-duty swing doors installed along the 55' straight run. Each door has its own access credentials for the respective clients.

The doors were made with reinforced steel to allow for mounting heavy-duty mag locks and push bars. Also, the solid panels in the doors keep any tools or hands from being able to access the lock. Door closures were also installed to ensure the doors shut automatically behind the employees.

Why WireCrafters?

Carolina Material Handling offered our product to Spectrum because they believe we have the best system for server rooms. "The strength and durability of the WireCrafters makes it the best solution. Their hinged panel also allows for adjustability." They also recommend us to customers like Spectrum because of our quick lead time, great communication and labeling, and affordable price for maximum security.

We're happy to report this system was installed in one day. We were also honored to provide solutions to critical needs such as cybersecurity. If you have a similar need for your business's server area, please request a quote now!

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