Case Study: Empowering TierPoint with WireCrafters' High-Quality Server Cage Solutions

At WireCrafters, we understand the critical role that server cages play in the efficient and secure operations of data-driven businesses. So, when TierPoint needed a server cage solution for their new location, they found the perfect partners in us and Industrial Shelving Systems. Here’s a detailed look at how we worked together to deliver a swift, high-quality solution that met TierPoint's requirements.

TierPoint was expanding their operations into a new location and needed server cages that would ensure the security and accessibility of their servers. The project also entailed extending the existing walls by an additional 2 feet to fit the ceiling and installing under floor and ceiling panels.

Jeremy Pruitt from Industrial Shelving Systems took the lead on this project. After visiting TierPoint's new location and taking meticulous measurements, he recommended WireCrafters' server cages, promising a quick shipping timeline.

Why WireCrafters? Well, we’re known to make jobs easy! We're recognized for our commitment to quality, prompt shipping, and easy installation processes. These values, along with our dedication to customer satisfaction, made us the ideal partner for this project.

Previously working with another wire supplier, TierPoint made the switch to WireCrafters due to our unrivaled quality and prompt delivery. Our server cages arrived on time and were installed effortlessly, perfectly meeting TierPoint's unique specifications.

Our team efficiently extended the existing walls and installed the under floor and ceiling panels, creating a secure and optimized environment for TierPoint's servers.

Our server cages offered TierPoint a reliable, high-quality solution that delivered peace of mind in terms of server security and efficiency. The swift delivery and straightforward installation process underscored WireCrafters' position as a trusted provider of secure storage solutions.

If your business is facing a similar challenge, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a free quote. At WireCrafters, we're committed to providing top-quality products, promptly delivered to meet your unique needs.

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